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Your best life is over the other side of your fear!!! Let’s start today.

Do you have a plan for your life?

You are either doing one or the other! Working in your strategy for your health, wealth, and relationships or you are working in someone else!

YOur Health

We can’t talk about changes into health until you start moving you body.

Your Wealth

We can’t talk about your financial freedom until you stop robbing yourself of an Opportunity.

Value Relationships

We can’t talk your relationships until  you understand yourself first.


As a life coach, Melvin has given me the confidence to move in my life and saved me from a bad situation.       

M. Booker
Your Choice Cleaning

Melvin, thanks for coaching me to growth my business. My income increase 30k in 6 months by using his strategies.  We are still growing.               

We help you design the life you want.

Life and earning money is easy if you get out of your way. You are unique as an individual and your group is creative, looking for ideas in moving forward. We might can assist YOU? To improve yourself by 80% financially join free mindset course for free at the end of this page.