Melvin D. Carter, Jr.

It’s sad to see so many young entrepreneurs, who what to start a business but fearing to promote their ideas, products, or services.  Your ideas are important to you and I hope it is important it needs by customer or client. What are your ways are you testing out that idea or product? Do you have a mastermind group?  Do you know who is your ideal customer? 

High Performance Leadership Coaching, is where you gain a clearer understanding on what you need be to doing to get the next level of your business. In turn many ways this coaching will transform not only business but your personal life. We learn to connect with any audience that is open to your content. Your leadership skills that you will gain you will be an understanding of others, and which it lead you build groups that will support your mission. Which leads to the next skill-set you need to master.

Sales training is all essential to any business because you need that skill-set is move your products or services, and scale your business. A master sale person will sell without pressuring the new customer and build a new relationship.  It’s than easier than ever to build an multi 6 figure and 7 figure business online. If you know what to do

Online courses

Freedom Impact University is an online University that is focus on developing the student become financial literate and become an entrepreneur. 


Leadership is training is very important personally and for the serious professional. We can assist your organization from one-on-one to a large groups.


Investing into yourself starts when you brought the first book,  and it continue with coaching that will smooth the learning curve out so can hit your goals.

Customer Review

Melvin is a passionate and caring leader that his honest and open to use “care-front” policy on your situation. We learned that situation that arise any organization comes from lack of communication and toxic communities that don’t serve a positive purpose for the organization. All organization run with people, either as staff or customers. Changing an organization is graining quality people who want to grow!


Clarissa Wolman

"If you want to gain clarity in your purpose , you gain clear process on being profitable, you need what Melvin has to offer!”

Lora Spielberg

"Melvin has open mine eyes on showing up for myself first so that I serve others from a place peace and make a greater impact!”

Christopher Brown

"I have learned that I should control of income by control what I can control, for example social media sites isn't a place conduct business. Getting my clients to my website is the best place for doing business”